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Super Human AI Mastery Program

Mastering Generative AI for 10X Productivity, Creativity, and Passive Income. 



No Coding Skills Required.


Embrace AI to avoid being replaced—be the one leveraging its power instead.

The "SuperHuman AI Mastery Program" is a dynamic 1-week program transforming professionals into AI-savvy innovators. Participants learn to generate creative content, automate workflows, increase productivity and create passive income streams using generative AI tools. The course wraps with a real-world AI-automated capstone project, equipping attendees with future-proof skills for a rapidly evolving job market.

Content Innovation

Discover how to create compelling content and innovative marketing strategies with AI tools.

Do More with Less

Become 10X more productive with the power of Generative AI

Income, Automated

Discover AI-driven passive income: Let technology do the heavy lifting while your earnings soar!

Who This Program For

The Super Human AI Mastery Program is designed for professionals who are passionate about taking their AI skills to extraordinary levels. Some our featured professionals are:

Medical Doctors




And professionals and leaders across all sectors ...

Program Key Outcomes

Introducing the Super Human AI Mastery, a 1-week program empowering professionals across sectors to harness the potential of generative AI tools and unlock remarkable benefits:. Key outcomes of the program:

Generate creative ideas, plans, reports and articles.

Automatically translate and summarize docs

Create presentations with creative digital art and ideas.

Create marketing & Social Media videos like a Pro!

Generate AI avatars that present your ideas and projects

Create great websites in less than 5 mins.

Automate your business and marketing workflows

Create branding and automate marketing campaigns

Analyze your business data automatically

Generate passive income from autonomous projects.

And more!!

Program Syllabus

Module 1

Exploring the Revolution of Generative AI

  • Fundamentals of Generative AI

  • Practical Applications of Generative AI

  • Ethical Considerations in Generative AI

  • Economic Opportunities with Generative AI

Module 2

Mastering Generative AI Tools

  • Introduction to Generative AI Tools

  • Generating High-Quality Content (text, images, videos, avatars, etc.)

  • Customization and Personalization in Generative AI 

  • Enhancing Creativity through Collaboration

Module 3

Integrating AI Tools to Boost Productivity by 10X

  • The Super Human AI Framework

  • AI day for personal tasks

  • AI day for professional tasks

  • AI day for projects & businesses

Module 4

Launching Your Super Human AI Project

  • Ideation and Conceptualization of AI-powered Projects

  • Development of the Project Elements

  • Integration & Customization 

  • Finalization and Launching your Project

Hear It From Our Super Humans!

Alexa Michael, CA

A game-changer. My productivity has soared and passive income potential is now a reality. Sam Obeidat is a true visionary

Fahad Al Ghamdi, Riyadh

This program reshaped my approach to workforce development. It's comprehensive, hands-on, and future-focused.

Sarah Alex, London

Exceeded expectations! Learned to automate tasks, innovate content, and how to generate passive income. A must for professionals.

Super Human AI Mastery Program 



Skyrocket productivity by 10x

Innovative Content Creation

Enhance Business Strategies

Hands-on AI Mastery

Tap into passive income opportunities

Future-Proof Skills

Networking Opportunities



Meet Your Instructors

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Sam Obeidat, MGM

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Sam Obeidat, founder of Stallion AI and GeminaiX, is a renowned AI expert and author. He's transformed 30,000+ professionals and influenced elite global organizations. A media staple, Sam leads the SuperHuman AI Mastery Program, teaching generative AI tools for 10X productivity.

Mohd Jamal

Mohammad Jamal is a leading expert in AI, Fintech, and Financial Markets with over 30 years of experience. As Head of Growth for Stallion AI and GeminaiX, he's a key influencer in MENA's tech investment landscape.

Jamal will be teaching how to integrate generative AI into marketing and business development.

Mu. Qanadilo, Eng. 

With 15 years of experience, Mu is a Senior Software Engineer formerly at X-Amazon and X-Mawdoo3, boasting a solid track record in AI and software development. Mu will be instructing on how to leverage generative AI to build websites and apps at a pace that outperforms even the most skilled developers.

Super Human AI Mastery Program for Corporates

Empower Your Team to maximize productivity by 10X. 

Skyrocket productivity by 10x.

Innovative Content Creation

Automation of Business Workflows


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