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Imagine Creating AI Replicas of Your Employees to Elevate Them to Superhuman Levels!

The Problem


Job Wars: General AI vs Humans

AGI's rapid evolution is threatening job security across numerous sectors, potentially reshaping the global employment landscape.

"800 million jobs will be lost to AI by 2030."
McKinsey Global Institute

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Huge Investments in AI Business Ventures

The unprecedented investment in commercial AI is creating a high-stakes race among businesses, with AI shaping the future of competitive success.

Global AI investment topped $77.4 billion in 2022.


Professionals Losing Ground to AI

The accelerating capabilities of AI pose a significant challenge to professionals, placing nearly half of US jobs at risk and demanding a shift in workforce skill sets.

"47% of US jobs are at risk of AI"

University of Oxford

What If ...

We augment all professionals with AI twins (“Geminais”) that automatically offer their professional services to millions of people simultaneously, 24/7, in multiple languages, at scale?

Introducing GeminaiX

GeminaiX is a digital ecosystem where professionals across sectors can create their AI twins, known as 'Geminais'. Geminais not only look, talk, and behave like their human counterparts in cyberspace, but they are also capable of:

1. Interacting with millions of people, in different languages, 24/7, at scale. 
2. Offering real-time, faster and scalable services on professionals' behalf.
3. Generating new income streams for professionals in the AI-dominated economy.

How Does It Work?

01 Unlock

02 Launch

03 Enhance

04 Monetize

Your digital footprint to feed your Geminai

Geminai in minutes to start interacting with people, at scale

Geminai performance and improve intelligence

Your professional services and generate income!

Featured Use Cases

Geminai Psychiatrist

Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Wael employs his Geminai to extend vital mental health support, offering addiction-coping strategies within the familiar and secure environment of his patients' homes

Dr. Wael Ali


Create your Custom Geminai with our Digital Concierge!

Reach out to our GeminaiX Concierge to construct your personalized AI Geminai, complete with specialized datasets and unique AI capabilities. For instance, a renowned lawyer can enlist our Concierge's assistance to develop a bespoke Geminai that delivers real-time legal services in various languages to numerous customers at once. This Geminai will endure indefinitely within the digital realm, generating consistent revenue through the provision of professional legal services.

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