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Intelligent Car Parking Management

Efficient car park management ensures customer satisfaction and higher profits. Improving security, safety, and monitoring free spaces and parked durations are essential. Limited manpower makes effective management challenging. Preventing theft and suspicious activities is crucial. Optimize operations for success.


Use Cases

Monitoring Free Parking Lots

Smart Parking utilizes sensors to accurately calibrate the number of occupied and unoccupied parking spaces.

Parking Slot Guidance

The system displays a map user-interface on mobile handsets or PDAs, guiding drivers to available parking spots and the correct level and aisle. Additionally, car owners can locate their parked vehicle in a large, multi-story car park by entering their specific license plate details.

Dwell Time Management

Smart Revenue Generation technology utilizes License Plate Recognition (LPR) to determine the duration of a car's stay in a particular zone or parking bay. If a vehicle exceeds the allowed time in a pickup zone, the system automatically triggers an event or alarm.

Identify Illegal Parking

The system detects parked vehicles in no-parking or special reserved zones. If a vehicle is parked in a no-parking area, the module will automatically trigger an event or alarm.

VIP access management

VIP access is facilitated through License Plate Recognition and/or Face Recognition systems.

Blacklist management

The system will automatically trigger an event or alarm if a blacklisted vehicle enters the premises.

Loitering Detection

The system can identify loitering, especially individuals checking out cars, by using Face Recognition to track suspects or criminals in an uncontrollable and crowded environment.

Automated Entry

The system streamlines traffic flow by enabling automatic entry for authorized vehicles when their license plates are recognized. Additionally, Smart Revenue Generation technology effectively prevents tailgating at boom gates.

Traffic Management

The system ensures smooth traffic flow during peak times and prevents vehicles from traveling in the wrong direction. It also effectively addresses the issue of vehicles traveling at high speeds by automating the generation of tickets and administration of fines using our License Plate Recognition system, along with other functions.

Resource & People Safety

The system can detect identified objects and raise alarms. It is also capable of detecting if someone falls down due to slipping or a fight. Moreover, the system prevents graffiti and vandalism. For smoke and fire detection, conventional methods may not be effective in areas with high ceilings. Additionally, the system performs regular surveillance system health checks to prevent camera tampering and sabotage.

Join the Future

We invite you to explore how our AI solutions can transform your city into a smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable living environment. Together, we can redefine urban living. Contact us today to learn more about what Stallion AI can offer you.

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