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Super Human AI Mastery Program


Mastering Generative AI for 10X Productivity, Creativity, and Passive Income. 



No Coding Skills Required.


Embrace AI to avoid being replaced—be the one leveraging its power instead.

The "SuperHuman AI Mastery Program" is a dynamic two-week course transforming professionals into AI-savvy innovators. Participants learn to increase productivity, automate workflows, and create passive income streams using generative AI tools. The course wraps with a real-world AI-automated capstone project, equipping attendees with future-proof skills for a rapidly evolving job market.

Do More with Less

Become 10X more productive with the power of Generative AI

Content Innovation

Discover how to create compelling content and innovative marketing strategies with AI tools.

Income, Automated

Discover AI-driven passive income: Let technology do the heavy lifting while your earnings soar!

Who This Program For

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Professionals and Managers

Innovation Leaders across Sectors

Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

HR, L&D, and Future of Work Strategists

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Program Overview

Introducing the Super Human AI Mastery, a 2-week program empowering professionals across sectors to harness the potential of generative AI tools and unlock remarkable benefits:. Key outcomes of the program:

Skyrocket productivity by 10x

Innovative Content Creation

Enhance Business Strategies

Hands-on AI Mastery

​Tap into passive income opportunities

Future-Proof Skills

Networking Opportunities

Program Syllabus

Module 1

AI Productivity Power-Up

    Unleashing 10X Productivity with AI

    AI and Innovative Content Creation

    Mastering AI in Visual & Auditory Content

    Simplified Video Creation with AI

Module 2

AI-Driven Content Innovation

    AI for Innovative Ideation & Research

    AI-Boosted Business Strategies

    AI-Powered Branding & Marketing

    Social Media Domination with AI

Module 3

Earnings Amplifier with AI

    Automated Creation with AI

    Unleashing Productivity with AI Automation

    AI for Predicting Customer Behavior

    Passive Income Powerhouse with AI

Module 4

SuperHuman Capstone Project

Creating, developing, and launching a fully automated project or business using generative AI tools.

Become Super Human

Hear It From Our AI Innovators

Alexa Michael, CA

A game-changer. My productivity has soared and passive income potential is now a reality. Sam Obeidat is a true visionary

Fahad Al Ghamdi, Riyadh

This program reshaped my approach to workforce development. It's comprehensive, hands-on, and future-focused.

Sarah Alex, London

Exceeded expectations! Learned to automate tasks, innovate content, and how to generate passive income. A must for professionals.

Special 50% Discount (Until 30 July 2023)

Super Human AI Mastery Program 



Skyrocket productivity by 10x

Innovative Content Creation

Enhance Business Strategies

Hands-on AI Mastery

Tap into passive income opportunities

Future-Proof Skills

Networking Opportunities



Meet Your Instructor

Sam Obeidat

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Sam Obeidat, a seasoned AI expert, futurist, and serial technopreneur, is the driving force behind this SuperHuman AI Mastery Program. As the founder of Stallion AI Group of Companies and Project Geminai, the world's first AI Human Twin Operating System, Sam has dedicated his career to augmenting professionals with AI.

Author of "The Artificial Intelligence Citizen," Sam has successfully transformed the mindset and operations of over 30,000 professionals and business leaders across four continents in the age of AI. His expertise in crafting enterprise AI strategies has influenced over 30 elite organizations in Canada, Europe, and the MENA region.

A recognized voice in the field, Sam is frequently featured in prestigious media outlets such as SkyNews, CNBC, CEO Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Al Jazeera, and Dubai TV. His instruction and insights in this program embody his passion for empowering others through the power of AI.


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