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AI-Powered Information Management

We enable a diverse range of organizations - including TV channels, media and entertainment agencies, government bodies, museums, libraries, educational institutions, legal firms, and healthcare providers - to harness the power of AI for managing and interacting with their data, including documents and videos.


Real-Time Information Retrieval

Instantly access and analyze data with technologies like Elasticsearch.

Automated Classification

Secure your data with machine learning algorithms for multi-level classification.


Interactive AI Library

Engage with data through a conversational AI interface powered by cutting-edge GeminaiX technology, for a seamless, conversational experience in information retrieval.

Who Can Benefit from Real-Time Retrieval, Automated Classification, and Interactive AI QA Systems?

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Corporations and Enterprise

  • Use-Cases: Data analytics, customer behavior prediction, secure document handling.

  • Technologies: Elasticsearch for real-time analytics, SVM for document classification, GPT-4 for customer service bots.

Government Agencies

  • Use-Cases: Public records management, confidential communications, citizen engagement.

  • Technologies: Real-time retrieval for public records, Blockchain for secure classification, Conversational AI for public services.

Healthcare Providers

  • Use-Cases: Patient records, research papers, interactive diagnosis.

  • Technologies: Real-time retrieval for medical records, machine learning for classification of research papers, NLP for interactive medical queries.

Educational Institutions

  • Use-Cases: Academic research, confidential grading, student engagement.

  • Technologies: Elasticsearch for research papers, automated classification for grading, Conversational AI for educational platforms.

Financial Institutions

  • Use-Cases: Transaction records, risk assessment, customer service.

  • Technologies: Real-time retrieval for transaction history, machine learning for risk classification, GPT-4 for financial advice bots.

Who Can Benefit from Real-Time Retrieval, Automated Classification, and Interactive AI QA Systems?

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