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AI-powered Anti-drone Defense Technology.

Artificial Intelligence driven counter-drone defense technology that detects, tracks and mitigates malicious drones.

The Problem

Autonomous Drones

Autonomous malicious drones are now making life-or-death decisions. Drone technology has outpaced current regulations.


Ineffective Solutions

Many current anti-drone systems on the market rely on traditional solutions that fall short in mitigating the threat posed by autonomous drones and swarming UAVs.

National Security Threat

Intelligent drones are causing daily collateral damage all around the world, posing a direct security threat to every nation.


AI-powered Anti-drone Defense Technology

Experience the future of drone defense with our AI-driven system. Detect, track, and mitigate malicious drones, including AI drones and swarms, using precision 3D printed missiles. Effective against Group 1, 2 & 3 drones, our system ensures security without collateral effects.

Target Customers

  • Fixed base or mobile station

  • On the move tactical land vehicle

  • Air-to-air drone launched

  • Dismounted soldier

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Public Safety
  • Airports & Harbours

  • Public events and stadiums

  • Oil refineries, power plants

  • Prisons

  • Public figure security

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  • VIP Protection

  • Ships and Yachts

  • Privacy Invasions

  • Industrial & corporate espionage

  • Nuisance/paparazzi

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