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Empowering Minds.  Redefining Possibilities.

We empower people and organizations to navigate the disruptive AI evolution. From AI training and strategic planning to custom solution and product development, our experts guide your transformation journey.

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30,000+ Professionals

Empowered 30,000+ professionals to learn and explore AI in their sectors

30+ Corporates

Crafted the AI and future roadmap for 30+ organizations.

200+ Projects

Developed 200+ AI solutions in 12 different sectors.

Corporate AI Training Programs 

Begin by boosting your team's skills. Let us reshape their thinking to help craft future roadmaps and drive innovative, exponential growth.

AI Literacy Program

Equip yourself with essential AI literacy and citizenship skills and knowledge to thrive in the future AI economy.

AI Professional Program

Dive deeper into the future of your domain in the age of AI to fast track new ideas and initiatives. 

Chief AI Officer (CAIO) Program

Craft your organization's future roadmap, lead new initiatives, and shape the future of AI economy. 

Become a Superhuman. Maximize Your Productivity By 10X.

Join the Super Human AI Mastery Program to Master the Top Generative AI Tools for 10X Productivity, Creativity, and Passive Income. 


NEXT COHORT: 23 September 2023

No Coding Skills Required.

Our Services

In a Meeting

AI Training

We guide your AI transformation, from awareness to training CAIOs. We've got you!

Young Businessman

Career Coaching

Guided strategies for AI and data science career progression and transitions.

Wooden Chess Pieces

AI Strategic Roadmap

Navigate the future, and stay competitive with our 5-year AI transformation roadmap. 

Cheerful Business Meeting

Board Advisory Services

AI insights for boards on governance, ethics, and strategy.

Programming Console

AI & Tech Development

We develop AI technology that addresses your business needs, and drives your innovation, efficiency, and growth.

Drawing on Glass

Startup Product Consulting

Expertise in AI product ideation, alignment, and optimization.


AI Literacy is a Must for Everyone!

Is AI automating everything around you?

 If you're unsure where to start, why not to get your copy of "The AI Citizen" book today?
Join us to navigate a future where machines compete with humans, and embrace the transformative possibilities ahead.

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Explore How We Empowered Jordan to Navigate the AI Landscape at a National Scale

Jordan, a pioneering emerging economy, took a proactive step by assessing the readiness of its government sector for the future and AI at a national scale. Discover How Stallion AI empowered over 3500 professionals and leaders in the Jordanian government to navigate the AI landscape across 18 diverse sectors.

Powerful Collaborations: Our Trusted Partners

Join 200+ corporate AI Citizens in Transforming Teams, Crafting Strategies, and Driving Innovation in the AI Era.

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  • Let us explore how to transform your organization with AI & future tec...

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